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Don’t Let Worn-Out Brakes Put Your Truck, Your Cargo & Yourself at Risk!

Your truck is your lifeline. It carries your cargo, your livelihood, and most importantly, yourself. But even the most reliable truck can become a hazard if its brakes aren’t up to par. Worn or faulty brakes can lead to accidents, breakdowns, and even serious injury. Don’t wait for disaster to strike – prioritise your safety and bring your truck to Trueline for a comprehensive brake inspection.


We’re Your One-Stop Shop for Truck Brakes


At Trueline, we understand the unique demands placed on truck brakes. That’s why we offer a complete range of brake services specifically designed for commercial vehicles. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your truck’s braking system, identifying any potential problems and recommending the best course of action.


Our Truck Brake Repair Services Keep Your Truck Stopping Safely


  • Brake Pad and Shoe Replacement: We use only high-quality, durable parts designed for the heavy loads trucks carry.


  • Drum and Rotor Resurfacing/Replacement: We’ll ensure smooth braking by restoring or replacing worn drums or rotors, preventing uneven wear on other components.


  • Caliper Repair or Rebuild: Our mechanics will diagnose and address any issues with your calipers, guaranteeing proper brake pressure.


  • Hydraulic and Air Brake System Inspection and Repair: Whether your truck uses hydraulic fluid or air pressure, we’ll meticulously inspect and fix any leaks or inefficiencies in the system.


  • ABS System Diagnosis and Repair: We have the expertise to diagnose and repair Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) for optimal stopping power in any situation.


There Are Many Reasons Trueline Is the Go-To-Choice For Truck Brake Services


  • Experienced and Certified Technicians: Our team is highly trained and qualified to handle any truck brake challenge.


  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: We utilise the latest diagnostic tools and equipment for accurate repairs and efficient service.


  • Competitive Prices: We offer fair and transparent pricing so you know what to expect upfront.


  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality: We use only premium parts and back our work with a warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand your busy schedule and offer convenient appointment times to fit your needs.


Book a service with Trueline


Don’t let worn-out brakes put you at risk. Take control of your truck’s safety and schedule a

service appointment with our qualified technicians at Trueline Truck Repair Centre & Wheel Aligners today. Call our friendly team on (08) 8260 5881, and we’ll be happy to arrange a quote and book a service.

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