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What You Should Know About Your Truck’s Shock Absorbers

If you own a truck or manage a fleet, then you already know how important it is to keep it in and your fleet in peak condition. But are you familiar with the importance of shock absorbers? This component is essential for keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently and it’s important to understand what they do and why they’re so vital. Let’s take a closer look at why your truck’s shock absorbers matter.

The Purpose of Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are designed to absorb the bumps, jolts and vibrations that come from driving on rough terrain or uneven roads. The shock absorber is attached to the frame of the truck and dampens the vibration so that it doesn’t damage other parts of the vehicle. Without a properly functioning shock absorber, the friction caused by these vibrations could cause serious damage to other components like tires, brakes and suspension systems—not to mention make for an incredibly uncomfortable ride.

Signs You Need New Shock Absorbers

Most trucks should have their shock absorbers replaced every 80,000 klms—depending on how often they are used on rough terrain. But there are also tell-tale signs that indicate when you may need new ones sooner than expected. If you feel excessive shaking when driving at higher speeds or notice oil leaking from underneath your truck, it may be time for a replacement. Additionally, if your truck has difficulty handling sharp turns or steep inclines/declines then your shock absorbers may be worn out from overuse.

Benefits of Replacing Shock Absorbers

Replacing worn out shock absorbers can greatly improve the performance of your vehicle. Not only will it make for a smoother ride overall but it will also help reduce wear and tear on other parts of the truck – which can save you money in repair costs down the line! Additionally, replacing your shocks can increase fuel efficiency as well as tyre lifespan since less energy is being wasted bouncing around instead of propelling your vehicle forward.

Regular maintenance & servicing

Keeping up with regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your truck remains in top condition and this includes making sure that its shock absorbers are in good shape. From improved performance to reduced wear & tear on other parts of the vehicle, replacing worn out shocks can provide several benefits both financially and physically. Understanding why these components matter can go a long way towards helping keep your truck running well.

Book a service with Trueline

Not sure if you need new shock absorbers for your truck? Call our friendly team at Trueline Truck Repair Centre & Wheel Aligners on (08) 8260 5881, and we’ll be happy to book an inspection and give you an honest appraisal of the condition of your shocks. If needed we can service or install new shocks and have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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